Syprot Professional Consultants (SPC)

Syprot Professional Consultants address your talent management needs through customizable workforce consulting and outsourcing solutions—locally and globally.


Syprot’s Professional Consultants can help you excel by:


  • Delivering consulting services for strategic workforce planning and labor market analysis that enable data-driven talent management.
  • Acting as an extension of your HR department partnering to develop strategic recruiting programs and workforce models that optimize your recruiting investment.
  • Providing operational management of entire business functions and departments to drive efficiency and cost savings.
  • Advising you through downsizing, mergers, and expansions, helping you to maintain business continuity and leadership effectiveness.


All the while, you can focus on what matters most—your core business.



Where to Find Us:

Syprot International

444 N Michigan Avenue

Suite 1200

Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312- 254-5003

What's News

Secretary of Labor Tom Perez outlined five goals for the Department of Labor’s job-training initiatives: Ensure it’s easier for businesses to find skilled labor; make sure people get trained with the desired skills; spur innovation in training techniques; improve measurements to make sure programs work; and foster apprenticeship programs in growing fields such as health care and information technology.


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