Syprot Health Care Professionals (SHCP)

Syprot’s Health Care Professionals are highly qualified to engage in providing health care. Our health care professionals have obtained the required education, training, certification and licensure in their respective fields.


Syprot strives to offer cost-effective solutions to successfully maintain your health care professional staffing levels. Our screening and interviewing process helps us select experienced and qualified health care professionals for a wide range of health care needs. From recruitment to placement, Syprot understands recognizes that the key to solving staffing challenges is to pay attention to the details.

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What's News

Secretary of Labor Tom Perez outlined five goals for the Department of Labor’s job-training initiatives: Ensure it’s easier for businesses to find skilled labor; make sure people get trained with the desired skills; spur innovation in training techniques; improve measurements to make sure programs work; and foster apprenticeship programs in growing fields such as health care and information technology.


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