Syprot Governmental Resources (SGR)

Syprot’s Governmental Resources is a fundamental solution to any business strategy. In partnership with government, Syprot recognizes the challenges many government organizations face in today’s world as they respond to issues of national defense, mission and operational support levels, as well as transitioning an aging workforce.


We have the solution that makes a difference. Syprot rapidly responds to its clients’ labor requirements by providing the right personnel to accomplish their critical task assignments.


Using our virtual office locations, we can provide you with solutions for any scenario, including short- or long-term assignments, individual requirements, project teams, and contingency operations. Syprot provides you with a personalized hiring process in support of local needs. We are right here in the community.

Where to Find Us:

Syprot International

444 N Michigan Avenue

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Phone: 312- 254-5003

What's News

Secretary of Labor Tom Perez outlined five goals for the Department of Labor’s job-training initiatives: Ensure it’s easier for businesses to find skilled labor; make sure people get trained with the desired skills; spur innovation in training techniques; improve measurements to make sure programs work; and foster apprenticeship programs in growing fields such as health care and information technology.


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