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Syprot is a premier provider of staffing services, connecting businesses with highly skilled accounting and financial professionals. Our clients have valued value our superior staffing services and continue to value our commitment to providing companies with candidates well-matched to their unique hiring needs. Our worldwide virtual offices offer businesses of all sizes and industries financial staffing services and access to a selection of highly skilled professionals.


Syprot prides itself on communicating closely with companies to ensure our staffing services are working. When you come to us, we will ask you to provide a job description, the skills you desire in a candidate, any specifications unique to your organization and the length of time you anticipate needing the extra assistance. We will then match you with pre-evaluated accounting and finance professionals with the skills and experience required for your business needs.


At Syprot, we strive to maintain the human factor. As such, we want your experience with us to exceed your expectations of any staffing organization.


Where to Find Us:

Syprot International

444 N Michigan Avenue

Suite 1200

Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312- 254-5003

What's News

Secretary of Labor Tom Perez outlined five goals for the Department of Labor’s job-training initiatives: Ensure it’s easier for businesses to find skilled labor; make sure people get trained with the desired skills; spur innovation in training techniques; improve measurements to make sure programs work; and foster apprenticeship programs in growing fields such as health care and information technology.


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