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Ever hired a worker who you later discovered didn't have the skills you needed? Or, have you gone through the entire interview process with a great candidate only to discover the applicant misled you about previous employment? 




You can rest easy when Syprot Resource Professionals finds employees for you. Syprot’s certified selection ensures you'll receive qualified personnel. Each applicant completes our proven selection process, which includes an interview, skills evaluation, employment verification and reference checking. Only candidates who successfully complete each step in the process will be referred to or placed with your company.  Our client list includes the following entities and organizations:


Florida International University


Kaiser Permanente


McMaster University


Battelle Research Institute


Deloitte - State of New York


Department of Energy – SRNS


Oracle Pacific – Hong Kong University


IBM World Partners


State of Delaware


Florida A&M University


State of Florida


Consolidated Communications


American Electrical Power


City Colleges of Chicago


Oracle/PeopleSoft Certified




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Secretary of Labor Tom Perez outlined five goals for the Department of Labor’s job-training initiatives: Ensure it’s easier for businesses to find skilled labor; make sure people get trained with the desired skills; spur innovation in training techniques; improve measurements to make sure programs work; and foster apprenticeship programs in growing fields such as health care and information technology.


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